where did summer go!!??!!?

Oh my goodness, where did the summer go??!!!  It has been so long since I posted, I have no idea how that happened??!!!!

So many things going on, and happening all at once, its hard to keep up with posting about them, but hoping that the beginning of the school year will give me a bit more time to be able to blog further :-}  thats my goal, lol

Starting right now we are currently working on getting both of the girls ready for Middle school an the Little Man ready for 5th!  Cupcake Princess is a solid toddling PreK who loves to be busy into things, all.day.lonnnnggggg, lol

The girls are both very excited to be doing some awesome co-op classes outside the house, Excellence in writing, Apologia Science again, Tapestry of Grace History and Literature, as well as a mock trial class and speech classes, throw in typing online and Khan academy for math and we have a very full schedule!!  This will be the first year we have the majority of our classes not taught by mom, I am moving into my facilitator of education role:-/

Not sure how I am feeling about moving into this new role either, I’ll be honest!  I will still have Little Man some, but he will participate in a science class with a friend(I am teaching that one too) and the Tapestry of Grace History and Literature, so really even he will be less hands on for me!  I think the saving grace will be that I have business things to keep me busy, and the Cupcake to play with and work with, since she is much tooooo smart for her own good, and needs constant input to stay out of trouble, lol

It will be a year of adjustments for everyone and I am sure that there will be many bumps in the road, but I am looking forward to seeing how the kids do on their own, and watching their growth into their individual areas of interest and strength.  Plus with the Cupcake keeping me busy, I may not even notice the lack of hands on with the big kids right away, lol!!!

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  1. Charlotte Moore
    22 August, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    You do seem busy. Hard to believe the little Cupcake is this old. Time does fly by.

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