8 things I love about Sparkle Girl!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet and darling Sparkle Girl!!!!!!!  Happy day to a super sweet, funny, generous, loving kind, smart and creative young lady that I am so blessed to call my daughter!!!!!!!

I have decided to do something a bit different this year for the babes, I will list things I love about them, for the number of years they are, so here goes:

Amelia for your 8th birthday, 8 things I love about you:

1  That radiant smile that lights up a room and cheers all whom it touches

2  the sweet generous heart that wants to help anyone and anything that is hurt

3  the creativity that produces wonderful characters like Adventurous the Caterpillar, and his friends

4  that you still look at your daddy and see Prince Charming, and still want to marry him

5  your resilience and determination in the face of so much adversity in your young life, you still find joy wherever you are

6  your willingness to help out when ever you are needed

7  that you love to cuddle up on the couch and braid my hair:-)

8  Most important, that you believe God has a plan for your life that will be amazing and beautiful, just like you!!!!!

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