a growing season

I am currently in a growing season, learning to step back and let go more with the big kids, step in and help but not hover, with the Cupcake, handle ministry more confidently and capably, as well as a practical growing of my hair from my short pixie cut into a longer wedge cut:-0

This is all so hard for me, I am the control-centric mama, and none of this is within my area of control at all, arrrghhhhh!  Seriously, it hits me every few days that I am closer to letting my girls go, than I am to having them here, cupcake will barely be a schooler when they leave us, wahhhhhh:-(

Speaking of the Cupcake, man oh man is it good that we had her so much later, after I have already become immune to the antics and foolish death wish of an unnamed young man-cub!!  boy will that girly be the death of me, or at least my sanity, lol!!  She requires all of the patience I have learned over the years of parenting, as well as all of the “turn a blind eye, it won’t kill here” skill I can muster, as she is into everything, an dI have no control what so ever, lol!!  Its also good she has gramps int he house, as they are bestie, and he will happily keep an eye on her any time, so that I can do the basics like shower, or take out the trash, without mass chaos erupting!!  Not to be outdone my her wildness, is her absolute sweetness, she is positively cuddly and gentle, loves kisses, and story time in your lap,and she is positively precious, which totally makes up for the crazy-girl mentality, lololol!!!

Growing in ministry means stepping out of my comfort zone further, and more effectively now, actively engaging, instead of just managing, even praying on leading a group with hubby too, gullllppp!!

added in just for fun i am growing out my hair, into a nice sleek wedge!!  After going to the It works conference in Fla in July, I realized I missed my longer sleek and shiny hair, and I just wasn’t happy with the changes my hair went through after having Cupcake. So I chose to combat this by starting to take my own Hair skin and Nails supplements, and already seeing good results, which is good, because this is the stage that drives me crazy, all the quirks and curls just make me want to razor-comb them off!!!:-/  But it will pass quickly I know

Growing, growing, growing, ever a growing season, but if youre not growing your dormant, or stagnating, so I will take growing instead;-)

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