A Sunday-worthy dinner

HHHmmmmm, on this raw and blustery not-quite-Fall weekend I really want homey smells and old fashioned goodness to fill the house.  alas, today this will not happen, kids are going to gramma’s, Jon and I have a few errands to run then off to Marriage Builder’s, but for Sunday dinner, whole ‘nother story.  

I am thinking of making this recipe, just for the sheer yumminess of Pumpkin cream cheese muffins, and because i have a bunch of pumpkins that I need to use.allrecipes.com/Recipe/Pumpkin-Cream-Cheese-Muffins (the notes have a few adjustments I might use)

these little Pumpkin Fritters also look quite delish, and they could be sweet like donuts with some pie spices, or savory with a bit of garlic, might be fun to try both (I have a willing test group:-)allrecipes.com/Recipe/Pumpkin-Fritters.

for the main course, to make the whole house smell yummy and cozy, this is a great sounding Pork herb roast recipe.allrecipes.com/Recipe/Garlic-Herb-Roast-Pork  
I purchased a large roast a while back, and cut it in half, now I will turn this into a delish Sunday dinner, the way Sunday dinners were meant to be, lots of good smells, a warm kitchen, and a relaxing evening, filled with good food, fun and maybe even a few games.  
What a nice way to end the week, and begin a new one…

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