It’s an adventure…

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being trapped in a 10×15 foot hospital room with an active nearly 8 year old is an adventure, or a slow form of torture, depends on how you choose to look at it.  I choose adventure, most of the time.  It is a lovely “hotel stay, where all the food is fun to pick and free,” says little Man, my insurance company begs to differ!!

we have been joined by others in our adventuring, daddy and the girls of course have come to safari with us, Grammy has come and hung out, tried out the bed and computer games, even met our rotating band of merry ladies(aka nurses).  Mrs. M. from church came by to hang out, and brought crafty things for the little misses and mr to work on, and those things will get to go on an adventure of their own, to India.  Aunt Amanda and Uncle Brent came by to visit with the kids, but they came prepared with ITunes gift cardsand Starbucks, they really know how to pack:-).

As the dude and I have hung out in our classy penthouse room we have pedaled by the Eiffel Tower, the campground in PA we stayed at, as well as raced along with lions, hoping we could pedal fast enough to stay ahead of them:)!!!!  See how adventurous we are, don’t you wish you could go on vacation with us here?!

Come join us on this adventure, there is plenty of room for another pedaler, but just know you have to pack your own Starbucks and crafts, we are not good at sharing;-)


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