another chapter ends…

Last week another chapter of my life closed, a sweet, and bittersweet one.  I am no longer the crazy momma, and ” Amie” to 6 wee ones, now I am the lone mama duck to my own 3, and my sweet other babes are home with their momma now, happy and having fun!!

I have been living this chapter for nearly 3 years now, beginning with Zizzy as a wee little baby, now she is a spunky, sparkly little lady, full of life, energy and sweet “fweaty” kisses at nap time:-)  Kiki was just in preschool, so small and adorable, but now, she is a feisty dynamo, with a heart of gold, and the shoes to match:-)  love that sweet baby girl!  Little D was not even an imagined glimmer when I joined in the houseful of chaos, but oh how that boy has grown, charming with smiles, and quick to laugh, an adorable little bulldozer!

I shall miss all of the fun we had together, so many happy, silly little memories, but now it is time to let mommy make some more memories, all her own, and I will move forward with my own crew, growing by leaps and bounds in so many new areas!!  This is an exciting, and scary time, but it is always hard to turn that last page, knowing the story is ending.  Ah well, it was great, tiring, fun and adventurous while it lasted, and the ice cream was sticky and good, right to the end, what more could you ask for in life really, except maybe more “fweaty” kisses, those are always good!!!

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  1. Amanda
    6 June, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    Love!! It has been an awesome 3 years together!!!

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