Clean eating salad dressing

So now it’s the Tuesday after a long holiday weekend, where you may have fallen off of the healthy eating bandwagon just a bit!😑  

But today is a new day, so let’s hop right back on and work in a cleaner diet for this week!!

many of you will be looking for some healthier options this week, to battle the bloat of a weekends indulgence, so this clean eating salad dressing is a super easy and yummy way to fit that in, and encourage your less-than-excited-about-this-new-eating-plan spouse/kids to try something new(don’t bother to tell them it is healthy!!;-)

with just 6 ingredients this is a fast and frugal option for any family to try out!!

Clean eating salad dressing

clean honey mustard salad dressing

1 tbsp water

3 tbsp honey(raw if possible)

1 pinch salt

1 tbsp cider vinegar(any light vinegar will do)

2 tbsp ground mustard(I used spicy because I wanted some zip!)

1tbsp olive oil

start with a 1/2 pint canning jar, put all ingredients into the jar, screw on the cover and shake well.

Thats it, nothing more complex than that!!!

if you want your kids to try something healthy, try adding a tiny bit of mayo to this, and making a thicker dipping sauce(or if you can really con them 1tbsp of either guacamole or hummus, instead of mayo).

This is flexible as a recipe, you can put it over chicken or salmon and marinate it, or have it over a salad.

Want more in your salad, add grilled shrimp, chicken or salmon, or for a vegan version put chickpeas on top.

so many options, need more salad!!!

Tell me how you plan to enjoy this simple and clean salad dressing this week?? I would love to have some new ideas!!!

nees some more ideas like this, want some help and accountability with your new clean eating, healthy life style change?  Message me, let me help you work toward your health and wellness goals!!  Join in my 90 day fit for summer challenge group, let’s make this your healthiest summer yet!!

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