Cleansing the easy way……

imageToday I began my It Works Cleanse to get myself ready for our big Green Carpet conference next week!!!!  I am also Wrapping every few days to get myself bathing suit ready, since we are going to our second home at Disney for a few days, WOOHOOO!!!! Gosh how I love this new business:-)

My Cleanse is awesome, tastes a bit like grapefruit juice and lemon/lime, not bad, and since its only 4oz, super easy to drink!  1 in the morning and 1 at night for 2 days, thats it folks, its just that easy!!! I feel good, no need to stay home near a bathroom, so we will see how much I lose tomorrow and the days following!

So, since I am cleansing I am also working on making sure I am eating clean too, this morning for breakfast I had a banana, 2 Tbsp peanut butter and some shredded coconut, yummy and healthy! For snack I had a small handful of black bean chips and guacamole.  I didn’t feel like eating lunch, so nothing but water there, and dinner will be baked chicken, roasted potatoes and corn on the cob.

Tomorrow will be a bit hectic because it is church, so most likely just a banana and PB again, maybe a smoothie with ProFit and frozen raspberries for lunch after church, and I am not sure what my dad will make for dinner, most likely grill and a veggie, maybe some long grain wild rice, yummmmm.

Thats it, no starving, no eating only juice or veggie, just normal foods we eat all the time, and cleaning out my colon and lower intestines too!!  Oh and lots of water, gotta drink the water to keep flushing and cleaning the gunk out!

Super excited to see how I am feeling tomorrow and the days after, and looking forward to another wrap tonight, gotta get rid of this muffin top, to fit into my new swimsuit, its a bit mom-sleek;-)


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