Cranberry Sunrise Smoothie with ProFit

Cranberry sunrise smoothie with ProFit Recently I had posted on FB about having a tough day, being tired and just an all around nasty kinda day.  As the mom of 4, with tons to do, I really cannot afford to have blahhhh days, so I whipped up this easy Cranberry Sunrise Smoothie with ProFit.

It was full of antioxidant rich cranberries to help me get over the nasty allergies I am suffering from, and orange oil for the energy boost, along with the health benefits.  The vanilla ProFit was an easy and healthy choice, since this shake was the only thing I had a chance to eat before the busy day began.  I love that the shake was yummy, healthy and economical, at about $2!!

Cranberry Sunrise Smoothie with ProFit

1/2 c frozen cranberries

2 drops Young living orange oil

1 scoop vanilla ProFit

1 1/2c almond milk

2 scoops IW Greens orange


All of this went into the Vitamin, and blended up in moments.  A super fast and so yummy smoothie, that tasted great,and had all the vitamins and nutrients I needed to hope power me through the day.  It also brightened my day, with the great color, and the zesty burst of cranberry and orange:-)


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