dinner’s talking to me!!!

So, in our quest to go gluten free for Little Miss and I, I am in search of good recipes for dinner staples.  Not too hard you say, until you realize that I need to cook 2 of everything, and make sure there is extra so that Miss and I can have lunch for a day or two easily.  Most dinners that I make have gluten built right in; tuna casserole, oh yes noodles, chicken soup, again with the noodles, spaghetti, ahem, noodles. lasagna, broccoli and chicken alfredo, jamaican macaroni skillet, the list goes on and on.

Today it was meatloaf, “meatloaf?” you say, “what is gluten full about meatloaf, it is just a loaf of meat, right?!”  Well, let me correct you my friends, meatloaf has quite a bit of gluten in it, in the form of bread crumbs.  I have never had a good meatloaf without bread crumbs to bind it together, until today that is.  I was determined to have it, and did not want to make something completely different for Miss and I, so, off I set, on another culinary adventure.

If you read my blog at all, you will by now know that I both love to cook, and never follow a recipe properly, it is genetics, I just cannot help it, I swear it!!!  I am always making up new recipes, or rehabbing old ones, just for fun, or because I am out of something, or because, as in todays adventure, because I could not add key ingredients and needed to substitute.  In comes the dinner that talks to you, snap, crackle pop!!!  Oh, yes, you guessed it right, I used Rice Krispies in my meatloaf, and it was awesome!!!!

I have even written it down, as best as i can remember it, but no pics, it went fast!!!


Snap cracklin’, gluten free meatloaf:-)


2 lbs ground meat, use your choice, I used ground chicken and beef

4 eggs, beaten

2 c Rice Krispies

3 tbsp BBQ sauce

1 can veggie soup, run through blender to puree(more on this later)

2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp ground black pepper

1/2 tsp onion powder

1/2 c oatmeal, run through food mill until fine oat flour, did not do this, will next time


So, put all ingredients in large bowl, even the soup mix.  This is used to sneak more veggies into your kids diet and give moistness and richer flavor to the meatloaf, choose gluten/noodle free of course for this recipe!  Mix all the ingredients and let rest for 15 minutes or so, wherein dinner will talk to you, cheerfully popping out its message of yummyness to come!  Divide your mix in half, and shape into 2 loaves in your  greased loaf pans and bake at 350* until internal temp reads 170* on meat thermometer, about 45 minutes in my oven.

This was a huge hit, and the addition of oatmeal flour next time will help to hold it a bit firmer too.  The kids and hubby never noticed the difference, they loved it, and thought it was hysterical when I told them about dinner talking, they want to hear it next time!!

This makes enough for us to have leftovers later in the week, so yummy for another day, maybe meatloaf sandwiches with cheese, yummmmmmm!!


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