Down time is busy time

when I have down time as a mom, which,let’s face it, is almost as rare as hens teeth, I try to use it as busy time.  Time to get things done that might otherwise languish, or get pushed off in to the “soon” list, as in maybe this side of Never:) list.

Today while Little Man had therapy, and Cupcake napped I sat down to do a bit of my busy time work, and just look at what I accomplished!!


To you all of that just looks like an overly busy screen shot, but to me, that is successful web crawling.  That is a diligent and determined search for good apps, and great apps, all to assist Little Man with his CVI(cortical visual impairment). Basically I have been to try to find apps to help people who are legally blind, but don’t need Braille books.

sounds  simple right?  Wrong, most CVI apps are written for very young kids, pre-literacy, Little Man is way past that, into the “we may need to take out a second mortgage to pay for this app!” Kind of apps, not workable:-/

as a blogger who really tries to bring good content and fun education via the world of Apple, I feel compelled to search far and wide for good, not bank-breaking apps.  I have spent untold hours searching for apps to write up on Free App Saturday, and today I hit a mother load!  So many wonderful apps to try out and play with, so many opportunities to bring you, and your kids,(my kids too), some great education and fun, at a cost we can all stomach!

I hope that these apps will be assistive to you and your kids, and I will update you shortly on which Little Man finds most helpful and fun:-)

stay tuned every Saturday morning for Free App Saturday, to see what my down time is busy time has netted:-)

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