finally some free time

I finally have some free time, as the kids have gotten back into the school groove,and are working away on lessons.  The first official day of school classes happened today, without me for any input!!  All without much pomp or fanfare, lol:-) I did take photos last week though, and good thing with the darn hurricane/tropical storm thing going on outside!!

After class drop off Little Man, Cupcake and I headed off to the library, where we spent a happy hour playing, doing puzzles, finding history books and eating a few of them together.  Successful first foray into just doing some lessons with him, and getting the hard info plugged into his brain, hooray!!!  Cupcake of course loved the ability to explore,and just took over the children’s room area, no fear or hesitation, just all about the books!!! lol

We are also blessed to be abel to follow up our new classes with a swim at the local Y, in a toasty warm pool, perfect for the coming winter cold!!  Cupcake is beginning to show signs of willingness to learn to swim with a bubble, so we will def be working that this Fall.  Little Man will be using it as exercise and therapy, with the “float weights” for resistance.

All in al, everyone came home content and tired, so a quiet afternoon of office work for mama, and Epic Youth for the kiddos later, with a bit of business thrown in too!!  Yay for a successful first day!!!image


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  1. Charlotte Moore
    6 September, 2016 at 5:27 pm

    Sounds like a busy time for all of you.

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