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Welcome back to Free App Saturday, and a beautiful Saturday it is forecasted to be!  So before you go running outside to soak up some sun, and let the Spring breezes blow through your windows, check out these great Free Apps i have found for you!!

Since the weather is supposed to be lovely for the next week(insert hallelujah chorus sung here!!) I thought some good outdoor apps were in order, to take advantage of the weather:-)  Open Caching is a fun and easy to use app for families to utilize and go on real life treasure hunts.  It is great for logical puzzle solving, mapping skills and basic use of compasses and GPS.  It is also just a great way to get outside and explore the area you live, or one nearby.

free App Saturday @afamilieslove


Whenever we go out in the woods the kids are always bringing me flowers, leaves and the like to identify, sadly I am not all that great at determining them all:-/  That is about to change, with the Like that Garden app I will be able to take a snapshot of the flower and determine which type it is using the huge database they have, yay for looking smarter!!:)

free app saturday @afamilieslove


Maybe you are traveling soon, to visit out of town family, or just to enjoy the area you live in.  With the Oh Ranger ParkFinder app you can search the area you are in, or going to, and plug in what you might like to do, and it will let you know what parks around will float your boat, or tickle your trail ride, lol.  It is a great way for young explorers to help choose activities, and plan family outings, with lots of fun info available, it is simple to use, and with dozens of choices for activities it should be  a breeze to plan your ned vacation.

free app saturday @afamilieslove


ChatterPix is a fun app for using once you have taken lots of photos while outside enjoying the sunshine.  It allows you to just use a shot you have in your camera roll, draw a mouth line and record a short message for your pic to say, that simple.  Fun and clever way to narrate memories of your family fun, an share them with family and friends.

free fun app @afamilieslove

For traveling time in the car Free Books by Classicly is a great app that allows you to download any number of classic stories to be read at a later date.  It has awesome features of highlighting, note taking and a dictionary option as well, so the kids can read Shakespeare or Shelley, and be able to understand it all:)

free app saturday @afamilieslove

For the special kids in our lives MeeGenius is a wonderful app that helps kids who struggle with reading to still enjoy a good book.  With fun narration to assist, this is a great app with over 800 titles to choose from.

free app saturday @afamilieslove

Also for those struggling readers I have found ER Browser Junior.  This app allows for the user to change the font size of the text on your I-device.  You can also choose letter spacing, font selection, and background colors to assist in making reading easier online easier in general.  this app is not free, but at  just .99 it is well worth the cost!!

free app saturday @afamilieslove


Thank you again for visiting Free App saturday, I hope you have enjoyed the apps I have found for you this week, and return soon to see what else I have uncovered for your educating app fun!!

Please note some of these apps have in-app purchases, I am not responsible for any charges made to your iTunes account!!



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