Free App Saturday

Free App Saturday is here again, with another fun collection of educational apps for our kiddos to play with, as the school winds down(for most people, but not us;-).

First up this week is Abby’s Aquarium, and clever and interactive app for the younger set to get them interested in the undersea world.  With multiple ways to explore the book, from read to me, to read on my own this app will introduce new sea life, and the cool people at aquariums that care for them.

Free App saturday @@afamilieslove


Kodable is an award winning app for teaching kids 5+ the basics of computer and gaming coding.  When cute little aliens known as Fuzzes crash on a planet they need your coding help to navigate the planets mazes.  Teaching coding through basic games and order of operations.

Free App saturday @afamilieslove


5 Dice is a fun upper elementary math game that will help your students do some problem solving to achieve a direct hit score in the game.  You are given a target number, and have to use different operations to reach that number, much like the fun board game S’Math you can use addition, subtraction, multiplication etc to get there.  With an optional whiteboard surface to workout the math, this game is a good problem solving, creative thinking math game to assist kids in working around problems.

Free App saturday @afamilieslove


DaVinci’s Riddles Renaissance is a challenging game divided into many categories like history, art math, logic, and more, with lovely Renaissance style graphics and brain bending puzzles.  Helpful tips along the way will assist you in solving these challenges, and allow you to resolve the hardest of all the riddles to open some fun items created by DaVinci himself.

Free App Saturday @afamilieslove


Dominoes, a seemingly simple game, now available on the app store.  This game is one of memory and logic, strategy and luck, with new multiplayer functions and great variations on the game this thousands year old game gets a face lift for a new generation.

Free App saturday @afamilieslove

As always, these apps were free when I posted them, but please be sure to check the price before downloading.  Some apps may have in-app purchases, I am not responsible for any extra charges to your iTunes account, so please screen the apps carefully!!


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