Free App Saturday…

It is Saturday, so it must be Free App Saturday!  (actually it is now Sunday once I got this posted).  I have a new round up of fun games and educational apps for you and your kids to enjoy, and as always, at the time of posting these were free, but many have in-app purchases, so beware!!

Camp Scout is a fun interactive app that helps you to find some great campgrounds according to whatever you are searching for in a vacation spot.  This is the listing attached to the Boys Life magazine, and has something for everyone, including those who love winter sports and camping(def. not me, lol) or for those who want to head south and camp along the way(me please!!:) Free App saturday

5 Dice is a upper Middle to High School math game focusing on solving a math equation from the end product, and working backwards.  Challenging and fun, making it more of a thinkers game than a drills game.  With handy features like a whiteboard for working out problems, and the ability to connect with other friends and play against each other, this is a sure fire win math game! Free App Saturday


What time is it Mr. Wolf is a fun new app to help kids work on their time skills.  Typically more kids can now easily read the time on a digital clock, but give them hands, and they are lost!!  Well, no more, in this fun take on an old game(does anyone else remember that game but me?!) What Time is it Mr Wolf is a running, jumping, time telling game to help kids practice, practice, practice. Free App saturday


Have a kid interested in American History?  Today’s Document may be just the app for them.  With a new historical document for each day of the year, and loads of background info about each document, and its author/receiver, this is a fun and diverse app to explore history visually. Free App Saturday

Instructables is seriously a time suck akin to Pinterest, holy cow do they have cool DIY things!!!  I love this site for the diversity of topics and projects, and for the ability to link what I do for others to see.  What else can I say, it is amazing, and safe for your kids to roam, but be forewarned, they will ask for scissors, tape, glue, foil, wire, batteries, and a few dozen other odds and ends, and be engrossed for hours, in an attempt to make a weather balloon/rocket/unmanned robot/etc:-) Free App Saturday


So there you have it folks, a whole buncha fun and educational apps on this Free App Saturday.  I hope you enjoy them thoroughly, and if you have any suggestions of fun apps, leave a message, I would love to see what you like!!




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