Free App Saturday

Good morning, and welcome to a snowy Free App Saturday!!  I searched for some fun new apps to show you all this week, and have some good ones, plus reboot of a fave(at least in my house, and on my phone:-)  As this is the weekend before Valentine’s Day there are a few fun new apps to get all Lovey dove about, but under their silly facade they are hardcore learning, promise!

As always, many of those have in-app purchases, so beware, and they are all free as of this posting, but please check before uploading, as prices tend to change, and I am not responsible for your suddenly expensive iTunes purchases:-)  Now, onto the apps!!!!!

To start how about two fun lovable characters, together int eh same app, in all their wet, icy, steamy glory?!  If you guessed I was talking about Swampy and Perry the Platypus, you would be correct(big round of applause!!), and now here they are in Where’s My Valentine, a whole buncha new puzzles to be solved with water, ice, steam and all the wits you can muster!  This is a family fave, and installed on my phone right now:-)

Free App Saturday @afamilieslove


how about word games, do you love those, I sure do, and this one is challenging and fun, in equal parts, lol.   Word Smart is a fun word game where you have to find all of the words for a given set of letters, in order to move on.  Can you do the 3 and 4 letter words easily, move on to the 5 and 6 letter words,and feel your brain start to backfire, try it, you will love it:-)

Free App saturday @afamilieslove


How about the Sims, or Cafe world, love those, my kids do, and here is a new one for them to love, Township.  This is the blend of being a country mouse, and a city high stakes finagler, plus an explorer, and a zookeeper too, sounds great right?!  For the Chinese New Year there are fun new decorations you can get and put up to celebrate, you can even build your own fortune cookie making factory, how cool is that;-)  Strategy and planning are the name of the game in this farm to market high stakes entrepreneurship game, best of luck to you!!

Free App saturday @afamilieslove

Valentine Sliding Puzzle is exactly what its name says, a sliding puzzle similar to what I played with as a kid, but those were plastic and never changed, lol!  This has multiple levels of play, and while it seems easy and straight forward, as anyone who has done these before knows, it is like a Rubicks Cube, once you make that first move, it never goes back the same way again, good brain bending fun, with a fun hearts theme.

Free App saturday @afamilieslove


Last but not least, at least not in my house, Lego Star Wars the complete saga.  There may not be a huge amount of educating in the game, but it is crazy good fun, and I love how the Lego items blow apart, into their separate little identifiable pieces, that is just too fun to me:-)  this is a much played, and well loved app, so worthy of making it onto the list for the week:)

Free App saturday @afamilieslove


That is it folks, my weekly listing on Free App Saturday of fun, educational apps for your kiddos to enjoy.  Check back next week to see what else I have found for you, maybe some challenging puzzle games to help while away the snowy afternoons:-)

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