Free App Saturday

It is time again to reboot the Free App Saturday with some fun new apps we have been checking out:-)

PhotoMath Calculator is exactly what it says it is, a simple math calculator that can use your phones camera to read your writing on a math problem, an help get the right answer.  It gives you directions on how to solve the math problem as well, which i totally appreciate because I have kids who struggle with math, and a different set of directions done by a computer can sometimes be the perfect teacher!!


Kids Planet Discovery is a great app for the younger set, filled with great graphics, engaging puzzles and games, and so much learning for hours of animal and world culture learning fun!!


Middle School math Planet is another great math app, full of games to help your not-to-math-fluent child to get in some extra practice, while not even being aware of the learning going on!!!


Today’s Document is just so cool to me, maybe because I love history, but this one is fun!!  It shows a significant historical document or photo form that day, in history.  These are interactive exhibits taken directly from he National Archives, with so much to explore, it is a daily feast for the eyes!!!


Video Science will round out the selection for today, with a super cool collection of hands on science experiments, and more added all the time!!  these are great for that budding scientist, and the mom who just never figured out the baking soda volcano project workings;-)  created to inspire and excite scientist young and old, a must for all to check out!!!


As always i hope you enjoy this Free App Saturday, but I am not responsible for any charge to your iTunes account, and am not responsible for the content of the apps themselves.

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