Free App Saturday

Hmm, with a rainy Saturday underway what fun free apps will I find for this edition of Free App Saturday?  I searched around a bit for some fun, completely simple to use, and universally cool apps to show you.

We have been finding the need for some good, simple, brain relaxing apps for Little Man, he gets overworked and stressed, and his brain shuts off after a little while, so I am hoping that RJ Voyager, a fun, intuitive music making app will be a fun brain-cation for him, to help reboot and get back to a good functioning level.

Itunes U is seriously amazing, for nearly any topic you might want to know more about!!  Just curious about a period in history, or do you need a good run down of the events leading up to the French Revolution for your Middle Schooler, there is likely a course available on it.  Best part, aside from free, they are all produced by universities and top schools, not just a wiki-anyone-who-has-informaiton site, so they are good solid authentic lectures, and again, FREE!!!


So, while not the most glamorous or exciting of apps, the Dictionary and Thesaurus app is really a pretty cool tool, with many options and features.  I am at the point now where the girls ask me about certain words, and while I can use them correctly in a sentence, I may not be able to come up with a concise definition, so in comes this handy app:)  It also allows for you to ask questions, and has “question of the day” features, so you can learn some really cool content, big bonus over the huge monster we have gathering dust not he book shelf right now, may just have to donate that one, ’cause you know I have books I want to get to fill that huge space;-)


For those special kids in our lives the Voice Dream Reader lite app is great because it allows them to gain information and understanding through both auditory and visual skills.  This can be really helpful for those kids who have a hard time with reading and comprehension, and since it only does few lines at a time, they can get caught up, and ingest what they just heard, before moving on.

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