Free App Saturday

Free App Saturday is here again, with a fun new round up of great apps for your young ones, to break up the end of the year doldrums:)

I would be remiss if I did not include a Star Wars app in this weeks line up, “May the 4th be with you” is a big line in our house:-)

This is the complete Star Wars Lego saga of games, super fun for all Star Wars or Lego lovers!!!

free app saturday @afamilieslove


For those kids that need a little work on their geography, the Guess the Place app may be just perfect for them, works spelling skills to, bonus!!  With great pics of many famous places, this will help kids to catalog the images they have seen before, into a geographical map, all for fun!

free app saturday @afamilieslove


The Biblical Archaeology magazine may not be for everyone, but it is a large and comprehensive magazine that connect ancient Biblical sites with current archaeological digs.  Since Archaeology is the science we are currently studying, and we love when modern technology backs up the Bible accounts, this is def. going to be an app we use!!

free app saturday @afamilieslove

The Ancient Egypt 3D model is an amazing reconstruction of a funerary hall for a long dead king.  It is an actual site dig, and they have rendered it in beautiful 3D imaging from their site work, maybe not tons of applications here, but gorgeous, and interesting to watch just the same!!  Perfect for that budding archaeologist or Egypto-phile in your house, or mine:)

free app saturday !@afamilieslove


Since it is getting warmer out, with longer days I thought that this DIY Sun Science app could be really fun.  It is amazing how much power our sun truly has, and these fun, hands on, kid friendly, and kid led science experiments are a great way to teach them all about our “super star” sun.  With hands on experiments, super cool facts about the sun, and amazing images taken by NASA of the sun itself from many angles, this is a cool summer science course all ready to be tried out.

free app saturday @afamilieslove


I hope that you enjoyed this edition of Free App Saturday @afamilieslove, and come back again soon to see what other new and fun teaching tools I have found for you and your kiddos!!  As always, I am not responsible for any in-app purchases, and always check to make sure that the app is free before downloading!


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