Free App Saturday

Free App Saturday is back with greater variety in the apps I am finding and posting!  Taking off a long period of time means I have many new apps to explore and review for you.  There will also be a greater diversity of apps since I now have Middle Schoolers and and pre-pre-K(she already loves the devices, lol), so be on the lookout for interesting new apps on Free App Saturday, and as always , please remember, as of the writing these apps are free, be sure to check prices and in -app purchases before downloading it, I cannot be held responsible if your iTunes account starts getting billed:-)

Virtual Manipulatives is the first app up in this Free App saturday reboot.  This app is great for those kids who need a more visual approach to those foundational concepts in math.  These provide plenty of repetitive manipulation of fractions, decimal points and percentages, all interconnected and visually explained.  Great review tool, and helpful to those who struggle to make the connection between the concepts. Free App Saturday

ABC Magic Phonics is a engaging and simple app to help the littlest learner to connect a letter to it’s phonetic sound, essential for reading.  With a variety of games to reinforce the letters sound, this will be a fun and interactive app for the Pre-K set in the house:-) Free App Saturday


Another awesome math app is Numbler, this is like a great cross between Scrabble and Smath, for the iPad-on-the-go:)  Since I love both of those games you can bet I am going to be playing this one right along with the kids, head-to-head!!  Working with numbers you draw, and equations, you work to get rid of your entire hand, and get the highest score, good stuff!!  Perfect way to practice math, and nice for a variety of ages to play together, sine it is addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, this will be a game to go for our truck schooling set! Free App Saturday

Fold, seems simple and self explanatory right?  yet it is an addictive and challenging puzzler app that will flex your brain and force you to adjust your viewpoint and planning skills to get everything all folded up neat and tidy. Free App Saturday

Robots for iPad is a fun and in depth look at over 100 of the worlds best robots, interact with them, hear interviews with their creators, check out their specs and watch videos of them at work.  I am a 4H leader this year, and our club has chosen to explore robotics in our STEAM centered club, so this app will be one we check out and explore in club time.  There are robots for every interest and job skill, so grab a robot enthusiast and do a little digital exploration. Free App Saturday


I hope you have enjoyed this diverse and fun mix of apps for Free App Saturday, and please feel free to link back some of your own fave Free Apps for Pre-Pre-K through Middle School.





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