Frugal February aka “Financial Freeze” week 2

So here we are, into the Frugal february aka “Financial Freeze” week 2 already, time sure does fly when you are as busy as we are!!  With parties, birthdays, and Super Bowl we have been very busy, and the rest of the month looks to be shaping up much the same way, the budget will be squeezed tight by the end of this all!!!

For this week the menu will be pretty simple, nothing fancy, but hearty and warming, it is supposed to be frigid around here later on in the week, brrrrrrr.

Monday:  I made a ham bean soup in the crockpot(left over ham stock and meat from Christmas ham dinner:)

Tuesday:  chili and corn muffins  crockpot

Wednesday:  baked chicken breasts with polenta and salad, apple sauce on the side

Thursday:  banana pancakes and bacon with fruit

Friday:  baked potato bar(leftover chili and polenta will be used here) crockpot

Saturday:  broccoli chicken alfredo ( I will be making a dairy free version for myself:)


This week for breakfasts we will be having breakfast polenta, I have it sitting soaking in water right now, to be simmered for 20 min tomorrow morning, and served with jam, brown sugar, and butter, yummmm!  The kids will also have oatmeal with syrup and butter, cereal(they only get this 2x per week), and eggs.  I may make a large batch of pancakes for Thursday night, so we may have extra for breakfasts.

I make the batter from scratch and these typically tend to be half GF flours and half oat flour, which keeps the cost down too, and they are very hearty with some syrup.  We currently still have pear syrup I made a year ago from our pear tree, which is yummy on pancakes;-)  The kids have these with some fruit, I got a great deal on bananas and clementines last week, so we still have some left, we also have jars of applesauce I put up last Fall, so they will get a nice mix of items, no boring meals here, lol.

Lunches will mostly be leftovers and some quesadillas, nothing exciting, mostly just quick and easy and filling, to power them through karate.

I spent about $20 at the store the other day, more tissues(will the runny noses never end??!!) and TP:-/ plus tea and almond/cashew milk.  All of these were purchased because I had coupons and they were discounted with my cartwheel app, good savings stack up, making the purchases “centsible”.  They fit into my Frugal February aka “Financial Freeze” plan very well:-)

How are you doing, have you been practicing any new frugal strategies?  Have you tried out any new discount apps to help save money?  Share ideas and tips here, we can discuss them next week:-)


2 comments for “Frugal February aka “Financial Freeze” week 2

  1. Charlotte Moore
    9 February, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    The strangest thing happened when I was reading this on my iPhone. I was down to about where you were talking about the pear syrup you had made last year. When of a sudden the whole blog just vanished. I thought maybe I had touched something and put it in trash. Nope, not there. I checked on my desktop when I got home and still not anywhere to be found. I put in your blog name and pulled it up so I could finish reading. This was so bizarre.

    • Jamie
      9 February, 2016 at 10:30 pm

      lol, that was so strange I had to go and make sure nothing had actually happened to the post😙phew, still there! Glad it was nothing more than a glitch!

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