Frugal February aka “Financial freeze” week 3

Here we are starting into the Frugal february aka “Financial Freeze” week 3 and so far we are working down the freezers slowly but surely, and using up lots of jars of fruit and things, so that is awesome!!

I am not doing as well as I had hoped at purchasing nothing, we eat too many fresh fruits and veggies for that to happen:-/  But I am limiting what I purchase, though Valentine’s Day was a bump in the road too!  I did spend about $30 for dinner and dessert, but it was for a roasting chicken and the fixings, and it fed 7 people plus a baby for dinner, and we have tons of leftovers, so the cost was worth the gain.

Now, to any who have wondered why I am doing this and still going to the grocery store let me say this, as the keeper of our home it is my job to maintain a healthy and nutritious lifestyle for my family.  In our house, as many of you know, we have food intolerances, so our grocery bill is higher than the average bill just due to the cost of almond milk to dairy milk, GF bread and pasta to regular old wheat items, etc.  These things can not be avoided, we cannot live on rice and beans alone.  So regular shopping, and keeping up with sales and coupons is a must if I am to save money on the foods we eat.


Recently I have begun to use Ibotta, and that little app has already gotten me about $30 form what i am already buying, plus I use coupons on top of what the app will give me, so a double whammy!!  Lots of good organic and gf/df coupons have been showing up in my email as well, making my buying power even greater, couple that with shopping the sales in different stores and I can spend less and get more!!!  woohoo!

So this, in short, is why I still have to shop, even in a “financial Freeze”, because if I am to be frugal with our finances, sometimes i have to spend now, to save later, when that bread or gf flour is no longer on such a great sale.

Also, soon to be helping fill out our shelves and bowls is my winter veggie crop.  Yup, that’s right folks, I grow veggies int he winter, in my very own DIY greenhouse, a gift from my hubby and dad, that I love every day more and more:-)  I started broccoli, swiss chards, peas, and lettuces in it and already have little sprouts coming along, zoo they will be putting out leaves that will spruce up our salad plates, and the adult swiss chards I have will continue to be added, chopped, to our soups and stir fry.  The peas will feed the chicken with their leaves and tendrils, and the pea pods will come along quickly to be eaten by my hungry horde;)  This greenhouse is such a boon for us, and every year when I begin my seeds in it, I am thankful for its protective warmth, as are our chickens, they love to hang out and dust bathe in their very own sauna, and their eggs show us the love right back!!

This week for our menu we have:

Monday: chicken enchilada soup(leftover stock and meat from the roasted chicken)  crockpot

Tuesday:  jamaican fish stew over rice

Wednesday: chicken and gravy over rice or noodles with mixed veggies

Thursday:  chicken tacos bowls with rice and beans and a salad

Friday: leftovers(the girls are off to a teen church retreat, so only a few to eat:)

Saturday: undetermined, possibly I will make Chinese, which we love;-)


How have you been doing in your Frugal February?  Are you finding it hard to come up with new meal ideas, or does the restriction make you more creative?  How is your freezer looking, empty, or still full of unknown meal potential.  Le tme know how it is going, join in the conversation:-)

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