Give life, give Water for Christmas

So, it is getting close to Christmas, and we all have those folks that are hard to buy for, they have everything, or buy whatever catches their fancy, so here is an idea that they cannot buy, and may never think of, buy them life!!  Yes, buy them life, or rather, many lives, a whole village in fact can be purchased, and will be a gift that gives back for longer than your average Ipod, flat screen TV, Kitchenaid, etc. will last.  

Water for Christmas is an amazing grass roots group, and their goal is to provide fresh, safe water to every man, woman and child in Africa, and they are making strides!!!  This is an amazing bunch of people, truly dedicated, with wonderful goals and ideals, a blessing to so many, they are generous and humbles servants of our great God.  Please, take at look at their site and give, give Water for Christmas to everyone you know, the best gift ever, the gift of life, to others!!!

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