Kissing it goodbye…

Last week Little Man kissed therapy goodbye, possibly for the last time!  This is strictly OT, but PT is not far behind, he has made such strides he does not need them anymore, I do, he apparently does not!!

I am not sure how life will go without therapies each week, these ladies have kept me sane and focused on a direction for the last umpteen years.  They provide guidance and counsel, redirecting and goal setting, and that is just what they do for me, doesn’t even come close to what they have done for Little Man himself:-)  Bike riding, check, batting and pitching, check, kicking and catching, check, Don’t Break the Ice champion player, check, use scissors without losing a finger, or an eye, check. The list goes on and on, and is now complete, there is nothing left, ce finis!

Hubby and I were discussing this just last weekend, the ending of this stage of Little Man’s growth.  No longer can we teach him to do things against his strength, to help him become more dextrous.  Now he is at a stage where he needs to figure it all out on his own, how he can best manipulate covers off of bottles, or button up his shorts and shirts.  He needs to take his strengths and mesh them with his weaknesses, to find a workable whole, that is all his own.  We are now at a stage where we need to stop fighting against his disability, and instead turn our focus to working within its confines to make him as independent as possible.  It is a scary thing, this looming independence, but Little Man is as prepared as his therapy team can make him, and they have great confidence in his abilities to overcome, as do we!

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