Looking back

Now that the New Year has come and gone, and with it all of the craziness of the holidays I find that I am finally taking the time and looking back at last year to evaluate and recalculate.

Recently Hubby and I were talking with the kids and asked them what their favorite parts of 2016 were, and were really quite happy with the responses!  They were all universally happy with our short trip to Florida and Disney, to was full of fun and friends and the beach, many happy memories on the car ride as well;-). Also throuroughly enjoyed our time at Steele Hill in our condo, with an amazing indoor pool, solarium, hot tubs and game tables, they loved the simplicity and fun of hanging out and doing nothing, except swim and snack, lol. Also thrown in there are boxing lessons as a fave, Harry Potter movie for a birthday suprise, comic con for a birthday suprise, and a few new friends and adventures along the way!!

Hubby and I were pleased, the things we had purposes to spend our money and time on were among the things they chose as some of their highlights, so our instincts are pretty good about them, phew!!!

With teens you just never know, I am learning!  The seem fine, but under it all is a murky swamp of angst, confidence, bravado, worry, and a myriad of other emotions and thoughts, so doing the right thing is always a crapshoot, you just throw the dice and hope for the best some times!!

We have been really prayerful in our intentions with each of them, hoping that our choices guide each into the individuals God has created them to be, and minus a few hiccups, it seems we are doing a fair job of growing them well, and they are making the childhood memories we would wish for them to carry into the future, as the things they hold on to and tell their own children about in the years to come:-)

So, in our looking back we find we are not doing too badly, need some tweaking in some areas(tween angst is a rough thing every.single.time!!) and while we are doing some recalculating, we are feeling confident that God is in control and we are following His plan fairly well, and will continue to seek out the path He has set before us as diligently as we can.

I pray that the New Year finds each of you looking forward with anticipation and excitement, and look forward to sharing more of our time and life this year, as I feel that I am working toward being more intentional in my use of my time:). img_3624


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  1. Charlotte Moore
    8 January, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    Hard to believe how quickly time is passing. Your kiddos are sure growing. Sounds like you’ll had a good 2016.

    May you have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2017.

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