Merry Christmas to all…

So, I do love giving gifts for Christmas, and finding the perfect gift is half of the fun of giving a gift!!  I have found a gift that I can give to all who read my blog (oh you hearty few:-), and it is the perfect gift for all of you, and it was free, YAY!!!!!!!!!

So here is a great site for the homeschool mama like me that loves history, and wants all of it, maps, time lines, people, etc.  It is also great for the kids who love those things, and also like acting, paper dolls, crafts, etc, this site has it all, and you can demo a bunch of it for free, and the free stuff is awesome, I will likely use this as our history work for a while, it is that good!!!

This next gift is for all who want to be a little more natural in their health regimen, and it is a nice ebook, so great for reference, with easy to find and make remedies and preventions for the winter time yuckies,

So, I don’t know where everyone else’s kids are, but my girls are going to be entering the times tables soon, uck… So, when I saw this site, and they had a free trial I decided to try it, and maybe it will work for others too,, just make sure that when you check out you put in the coupon code, (tosfreesamp), then you can place your order, and when you hit recalculate it will come up $0, yay!

So, I have one of those kids, the over achieving one, who does all work at the speed of light, and then bounces while waiting for the slower sibling, or mom, to catch up.  This site has some fun, and productive activity pages I may print, just to have on hand for those days when someone needs more help, or time uninterrupted.  Check it out, and store it for a rainy, or busy day,

So those are my gifts to you all, enjoy, i hope that it fits you perfectly ans that you regift it to others who may need the boost, Merry Christmas to all

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