middle school is no joke

Boy, middle school is no joke!!! With two girls in middle school now, and the man cub in 5th grade, it is a constant round of work, reading, social time and sports, and all the dramaaaaaaa!!  lol

Really the drama isn’t that bad, and not all the girls either;-)  We have begun this year with a whole new curriculum core, of classical education, which I love, but it is so time intensive and reading heavy, not the easiest subject for some of the kids:-/  finding a rhythm has been a challenge, and the toddler princess just adds to the chaos and crazy!

Currently we are looking at a super tight schedule most days, I almost envy public schooled families, they have a bit of freedom during the day, almost, lol

monday is a mix of free time, chiropractor apps, karate and science for the man cub and a friend, using Apologia physical science.

tuesday is a morning class we go to Excellence in Writing, the girls do this, and love it!!!  We also swim at the local Y(88* pool all the time, yay), and evenings are church youth group

Wednesday is completely school, the girls do a co-op of marine biology using Apologia, hard core science work!!  then they move straight into history with Tapestry of Grace, again hard core work, loads of reading!!  then quick break for lunch and back at it for a literature class, using classic literature, currently doing Frankenstein:-)  late afternoon finds us back at the gym for boxing lessons for the Sparkle Girl and karate for Fancy and man cub.  evenings we crash, and I plan for the next week(rotating teaching science, lit or history, phew!!)

thursday mornings we sleep in a bit, yay, then schooling karate and home for more reading, the reading really never stops now!!  evenings it is church and Awana

and Friday is our fun co-op with lighter classes, and a free afternoon, thank goodness!!!

the kids have adjusted to this schedule, but it has been challenging, doing our flexible “whatever comes up for the day” schedule just doesn’t work anymore:-( but the classical education approach is one I have always loved, so thats awesome!!!

beyond thankful that we are using Tapestry of Grace with other families, one who has used it before, because it can be very overwhelming, but it is sooooo good!!!  pretty sure if we hadn’t had friends to help us out and do this with, we totally would have given it up a month ago, lol, but now, they are really doing well, and learning so much, and so am I!!!!!

The cupcake is happily doing “tot school” most days, learning sorting, blocks, colors, reading etc.  She loves to sit and read stories with my dad, and demands he read the same books to her every day at least once, and one of them is a Mickey Mouse cookbook for smoothies, lol!!!  Her language is astonishing, and hysterical, she is a natural mimic, and will copy you after just a time or two hearing something, both a good and a bad;-)

So, Yeah, that is life right now, just basically working our way through school books and literature written 100 years ago, keeping the princess safe and learning, and working to keep growing our business of getting people healthy, its busy, but now we are finding a groove and it is good!!!:-)  Lord help me next year with a high schooler and the man cub entering middle school, ;-0 ’cause seriously middle school is no joke, i am pretty sure it is harder than college right now!!!lol

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  1. Charlotte Moore
    25 October, 2016 at 7:12 pm

    WOW! You all do have a very busy schedule. Made me tired just reading about it. HA!!

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