My little Christmas Angel

I hate to brag but what an angle God has given us, Julianna is truly touched be Jesus as we states before whether its in her songs she creates or the ” I dance to make Jesus Happy it the way I pray” comments we get from her.Julianna has also learned s a young age about how lucky she is to have all of the things she is blessed with, as she is all set to donate all of her gifts from her birthday party to children who need them more than she does.Today she hit me with one of wonderful comments that brings a tear of joy to any parent, as we finished our Christmas shopping for mama we walked past those seasonal gift bags full of stuff and she spotted a princess makeup set with beautiful fingernail gems and glitter blush and lip gloss of many flavors. So I asked the question do you know any little person whom would love this gift ? Julianna responded ooooooo I know we could give it to the care center so all of the little girls could share it. wow ( there is that tear coming again). Well i just was so proud of her that i ha to let everyone know, lots of love and as always may God bless you as he has my family. Jon

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