Our next adventure…

Since we can never manage to just coast along easily for very long, we are now exploring our next adventure, with the addition of Baby #5 coming in July:-).

We are of course very excited about this sweet little ones arrival, some more enthusiastic than others, lol!!  But I am thankful that the Cupcake Princess wont be a lonely only child in a few years, as the big kids are her best buddies, and they are growing up soooooo fast:-/.

So far I am feeling pretty good, once I got past the first few months of tiredness all the time, and figured out my all-day-but-especially-at-night nausea was triggered by dairy, then life smoothed out quite nicely!!  So far things are going well, and my midwife has no concerns, even though I am well into the advanced maternal age bracket for mamas being just shy of 40:-0!!  Kidding, i am not worried about that part, only about keeping up with a busy toddler and a newborn, and thankful that I still have my ergo and sling, they are surely going to get a workout this summer!!! Doubly thankful to have a business I can work from wherever I am, on my own time, no time cards or schedules will work for this busy mama!

So, just the typical craziness around here, with a new baby as our next adventure to kick off 2017:-).

What is your next adventure for the year, what new things will you be trying out or exploring??  Share here, i love to hear about what others are up to:-)

Our next adventure

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  1. Charlotte Moore
    14 January, 2017 at 7:59 am

    WOW!! I sure wasn’t expecting that for your next adventure. HA!! I was thinking maybe a trip or something. HEHE!! I sure hope all goes well during this time and at delivery. BLESSINGS!!

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