protein packed breakfast cookie, gluten free and dairy free

Who needs a protein packed breakfast cookie today? Gluten free and dairy free, but simple to whip up??!!! Oh yeah, i have the recipe for you!

ok, because i am feeling inspired today, and i have a few extra minutes this Monday morning I whipped up a batch of protein packed breakfast cookies.  They are gluten free and dairy free, but full of flavor and customizable, and super fast,  but oooh so delicious!!!!

Cashew Coconut chip breakfast cookie

1/2 c roasted cashews(i used raw and roasted for a fe minutes, did not want extra salted ones) chopped roughly

1/3c shredded coconut(not sweetened)

2 1/4c whole oats

3/4c gluten free flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 egg

1/2c almond butter(pb works too)

1/2tsp sea salt

2 banana(microwave for a minute,once peeled, to get them to split, this releases juices, and makes them sweeter)

1/5c honey

1/3c dairy free chocolate chips

1 scoop It Works vanilla Shake(not necessary, but a great addition and extra protein)

Preheat oven to 340*

blend wet ingredients together, until well mixed.

In medium bowl mix all dry ingredients except the cashews and chocolate chips.

with mixer on medium low slowly add in the dry mix, and blend fully, then add in the cashews and chocolate chips.  Mixture will be thick like peanut butter.

scoop into 1 1/2Tbsp scoops on silpat baking sheet, and bake for 10-12 minutes, until lightly golden on top.

Allow to cool, and enjoy with your favorite glass of non-dairy milk!!

These are really pretty healthy, so i made them as a sweet snack, and for breakfast cookies, because we have a busy week coming up, and nothing specific to make for a muffin.  These smelled amazing while baking, and the cashews add that slight richness that really makes them filling, plus everyone loves the fun of a few chocolate chips in the morning:-)




I hope you enjoy these yummy treats as much as we did, i think they may become a staple, they are so quick and easy, plus being versatile!!  I may throw in dried cranberries or blueberries next time, just for fun, although the Fancy Miss would like a version with lemon rind and dried blueberry since that is her fave flavor combo, and with this recipe i think that is totally easy and doable!!

Hope you enjoy these protein packed breakfast cookies that are gluten free and dairy free, but so full of yummmmm no one will notice;-)

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