recipe for a perfect birthday party!!!!

Take a bunch of awesome friends, 10 kids under 10(oh yes, 10 of them!!:-)

Throw in some yummy food, fruit salad, and an out-of-this-world chocolate, raspberry and whipped cream confection of cake-iliciousness, courtesy of my darling hubby(I am soooo stinkin’ lucky!!!)

make a sweet balloon teddy bear, complete with pink tulip:-)

bring in a bit of tears, some minor fighting over foam swords and scooters amongst siblings,

and round it out with toooonnnnsss of talking over eachother chatting, laughter and over all good fun with the best friends ever!!!

Add it up and you have a recipe for an amazing birthday evening!!

Thank you so much to our wonderful friends, you have made this journey we are on that much sweeter and more fun, you are all amazing and I am so blessed to call you my friends.  Thanks to so very much to my wonderful babes, all of them, they are some of me fave little people, and they make dragging my weary self out of bed every morning an adventure, and my own 3 munchkins, you are the lights of my day, I adore you more than you could ever know.  Thanks most of all to my darling hubby, you are the best gift I could have ever received, and I love you more with every passing year, I have been so very blessed and pray that God continues to rain down His blessings upon our house in the coming years!!!




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