recipes and meal ideas for a clean pantry

so since I had you recently do a mini pantry clean out, I thought I would give you a bit of a chance to go and work to restock with healthier options, and now we will move into some recipes and meal ideas for a clean pantry.

There are many simple things that you can use to fill your pantry and lunch boxes, as well as a clean dinner plate, and while it seems overwhelming at first, with practice it gets easier.  Also, you may need to stop trying to make complex foods, at first, because they have so ma y ingredients and require many steps.  When beginning a new eating habit, it is best to start slowly, so you don’t get frustrated and give up, which is what we don’t want!!!

Simple foods that go on my table every week, for lunches, as well as dinners:

apple sauce (this is at our lunch and dinner table at least 2 times per week, great for filling growing kids)

salad and a clean dressing(we have salad with almost every dinner, with sprouts or apples and raisins to top)

rice and beans( breakfast lunch and dinner, inexpensive, versatile and yummy)

eggs(every meal, for dinner it is on salad)

salsa(perfect for every meal, great for snacks, and makes anything more yummy)

all of these can easily go into lunch boxes as well as dinners to fill in around the main dish.


here are some great clean eating recipes I love and make often from simple pantry staples

cashew coconut rice with peanut sauce, add in some grilled chicken and it is heavenly.  This is amazing the next day as well, so make extra and have a clean and healthy lunch or two

red lentil soup, an awesome and flexible lentil soup recipe, feel free to add in veggies you love like squash and carrots, or remove those you don’t.  Don’t have red lentils, use the green and yellow commonly found in most stores!

enchilada soup is super simple and yummy as well. Make it with extra veggies if you want, add in finely chopped sweet potato or squash, extra beans, etc.  serve with a salad topped with salsa ranch dressing, corn and beans, make some guacamole and you are in healthy food heaven!!

have you ever tried having a bunch of crepes for dinner?  No, well let me tell you, when I do this I am a hero!!  I set up all sorts of odds ad ends from the fridge, jellies, jams, bits of cheese, yogurts, fresh fruits, pb, scrambled eggs, anything we have goes out.  I make these yummy buckwheat crepes(despite their name there is no wheat in them!!) and go to town making a crepe bar!!!  they make amazing lunches too, slather on some nut butter and a banana, and roll it all up!! Add in some fruit sauce(apple and frozen cranberries whipped in the vitamin is a fave, crapple sauce, lol) and you have a well rounded, clean-out-the-fridge meal!!


If you have never made stuffed cabbage leaves then you are truly missing out!!! we love them, and they really are easy once you have the lightly boiled cabbage leaves done.  You can do them ahead of time, and put them into a bag in the fridge until you get home from work, premake the meat mix and you are most of the way done!!!


these recipes and meal ideas for a clean pantry should make the transition easier for you, and more likely to be something you adapt into your own lifestyle, on tis continuous journey we have embarked on!!!

If you have not done so yet, join my 90 Day Fit For Summer Challenge Group, get meal ideas, recipes, workouts and encouragement from a great group, so that this can be your healthiest summer yet!!

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