Free app Saturday…#12

Free apps for kids, it must be Free App Saturday!!  With summer upon us, a nice beach weather coming I thought it would be fun to have a few new apps for reading on the beach, you know, that year-round education thing we do;-)  I hope you enjoy these apps, if you find others you like send  me a note to let me know, maybe I will feature your top choices!!


Nat Geo Kids magazine, June/July issue need I say more?!!



Nat Geo for Kids Weird But True,

seriously, where they get the things for this are mind blowing, but it is pretty cool!!  Also hard to resist when your kids beg to listen to “just one more weird fact, pretty please!!”  as they regale with you half a dozen crazy animal shenanigans!!  Loads of fun, and also true, does not get better!!



Tinker box

Creative problem solving puzzles, free play, and loads of engineering facts, this app is fun and full of concepts it will keep you playing for hours!  As they bill it, “if you can think it, you can build it here”  so go, think, build, learn!



Bee Jumbled

A fast paced word game with many levels.  You can go head to head with friends, or players around the world, to see who can make the biggest and best scoring words!!



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