Saturday, Free App Day begins again!!#13

Back to school means back to Saturday, Free App Day!  Since it is everyone’s favorite subject,(ahem) this week seems to be shaping up as the math edition of the Free App Saturday lineup, but hey, who can’t use a little fun in their math work, right?!

Math App, a pretty cool Geoboard app, these are very fun, and you can choose the bands and manipulate them, great for spatial thinkers, and doodlers too:-)



Number Pieces is a pretty cool App with the math cubes, lines of 10 and tiles of 100, very Right Start Math, I love that!!



How about a Fraction App with fun pictures, simple matching to reinforce those tricky concepts, done in a fun pocket chart picture format, fun!



Lastly how about Counting Money, I don’t know about you, but my kids can spend the stuff, but cannot add it up very well:-)  Will have to get the working with this handy new App!




Rarely, very rarely, do I add in a paid app, but this one is pretty rocking’, I might even find some time to play it myself!!  Numbler is very similar to the board game “Smath” that I play with the kids sometimes, it is a mixed version of the popular spelling game Scrabble, with math facts, very cool!!  Numbler dubs itself a crossword puzzle math app, and it sure is that, and for .99 it is money well spent, this app has huge capabilities!


Enjoy the math apps, feel free to check out some of the other apps I have posted earlier in the year, I hope you find something you like, a fun new educational tool you can use!!  Happy App Day!

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