seems like the blink of an eye

wowza, time sure does seem to fly, esp. with a little one who insists on growing by leaps and bounds every day;-)!!  It seems I go to church on Thursday night each week thinking “wasn’t I just here?!” immmm, yup, on Sunday, 5 whole days before, phew, seems like the blink of an eye!!

Speaking of, seems like the blink of an eye, holy moly, Disney-ana is coming up fast, mere weeks away from everything Mouse-related;-)  BIG GRINS ALL AROUND!!!!!

With that coming soon, I have been in a hustle to make sure that things are set, and ready for church Awana programs, to begin while we are gone, and school, which, technically speaking(since we school year round) has begun, but for the public school perspective has to be done, for 2, yes 2(guuuuuulp) middle schoolers!!  Little Man is my love grade schooler, with Cupcake trailing in the role of chief mischief maker/distraction expert;-)

With both girls now being in Middle School, I have decided we now need to buckle down and actually do a science curriculum, and thankfully have found a mom who agrees, and we both like the same books, so we are doing a fun Apologia science class for the girls, and maybe another girl or two, each week.  Meaning I will only have to teach a section, not all the classes, yay for cooperative learning!!  They are otherwise pretty self led in their studies, though I do their math work pretty close with them, as this topic they struggle in.

for a new change, this year we are continuing story of the World, we just love that book!!  But, we are trying out interactive note booking to see if that helps with retaining information, ’cause the 4,000 years of history they have learned already may be lost in the Rennaissance and Reformation periods, lol.  I will post more about how this is going as we move into the process further.  So far, we are just going back through our old work, pulling out maps and putting them in chronological order into the notebook(left hand pages only), and then doing some doodles and notes not he right hand page, of what they remember about that time period or stories we read:-)  Very fun and interactive!  Once we are up-to-date we will move forward with a more typical interactive note booking approach.

interactive notebook, story of the World

On that note, we are using this same concept for Little Man, for his reading.  His retention and comprehension of written words is very low some days, due to a visual processing disorder.  I am going to take his reading books and chapter by chapter, break them down, into interactive notes, with cute clip-art, so he can write the important ideas, feelings, topics etc, down, for each chapter.  This will be time intensive for me, but I am hoping and praying that it assists him in understanding his books better, and eventually, he should be able to perform the same function, without my doing the work of setting it all up, yay for teaching independence:)

The concept of sketch noting is also tumbling about in my head too, as I have a few doodlers in the household.  We may try out the concept in our Bible study, to see how it helps with Scripture memory, and also to see what the kids are actually getting out of the verses we read each day, will post more when we get going on it;-)

So, mostly, we are just zooming through the summer, thankful it has not been too hot, and working on ideas and plans for the upcoming Fall, trip, and school year changes.  It should be another fun-filled and exciting year, lots of new ideas as the kids get older, and I get more adventurous in our educational opportunities.

Stay tuned to see what other crazy ideas I decide to try out, you never know what might stick, lol:-)


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  1. Charlotte Moore
    12 August, 2015 at 7:01 am

    Truly time is seeming to fly by so much faster than it used too. I guess when you are older it does anyway. HA!!

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