Shakeology and pregnant, plus an early Christmas gift:-)

So, Hubby has done it again, been completely unable to keep an early Christmas gift from me, but this time I am not the least bit upset about it, lol!!  He bought me  a lovely JujuBee diaper bag, because he knew how much I wanted to fill it up in anticipation of little Cupcake’s arrival:-)  He knows me so well!!

I love the anticipation of packing, preparing and getting ready for an upcoming event, and this is no different.  I have washed all the babies new things, folded them with the girls oohing and aahhhing, and put them away by size for the soon to be little one.  Packing up the diaper bag for the baby though, that is more real, more imminent!  Those tiny diapers, the coming home outfit I picked out(a Christmas reindeer outfit, a tradition we began with Fancy Miss:-) and other wee little soft and velvety sleepers, all make this arrival more real, and more soon!

I am now down to the weekly appts for Cupcake, and we are measuring well, on the smaller side, which the midwife is happy about.  Cupcake has a good strong heartbeat, and is expected to make an arrival at about 6 lbs, plus or minus a bit, which is just fine with me!  Though if they are that small we will need to go get some preemie outfits like we did for Fancy Miss, as she was a tiny and long baby too:-)

Currently, while I cannot sleep for long periods most nights, due to Cupcake being nocturnal and all:) I am keeping a good weight, haven’t gained more than 2.5 lbs in the last 10 weeks, woohoo!!  Shakeology is making all the difference in the world, we have been super busy, and on the go a lot, and I feel fine, pretty good amount of energy, much better after being anemic for a while.  With a shake every day I am getting in tons of minerals and vitamins that Cupcake is stealing, I am sure this will be doubly helpful when I am nursing too, since there will be very little time for not being busy around our house:-)

So, all in all, things are moving right along, we are feeling well, and gearing up for a relaxing Thanksgiving and baby filled pre Christmas celebration(here’s hoping I go on time, this time!!)

Will post a few holiday Shakeology recipes soon too, have made up some fun ones, perfect for those holiday temptations, and keeping those pesky pounds off!


pregnant and shakeology, and all packed for the hospital:)

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