Simple vegan chocolate pudding recipe

I recently created a recipe for a simple vegan chocolate pudding recipe that was ahhhhhmazing!!!

Vegan chocolate pudding

I have been in the hunt for natural ways to boost my iron intake, this pregnancy anemia is kicking my booty😕 And I struggle to take iron supplements!!! So naturally getting it in my food is the only way for me, so offnto recipe hunting and food sites I went. Not many foods have as much iron as I need, and I can’t stomach loads of liver, so I had to find alternatives, and then a recipe popped up that is simply amazing!!!!

I found a chia seed recipe that sounded so good, and simple, and with some minor alterations I made it into my own, amazing creation, iron and protein rich, vegan, gluten free, and absolutely perfect for a sweet treat, with any added sugars!!!!

so here you go, try it and see what you think…

Simple vegan chocolate pudding recipe

3Tbsp chia seeds

1 c water

combine these two things and let sit at least 6-8 hours, I left mine overnight

1 c dairy free milk(I used coconut milk, unsweetened Not the low fat)

1 scoop chocolate It Works Protein Shake

3 Tbsp cocoa powder

2 Tbsp PB (unsweetened or maple sweetened)

1/2 tsp cinnamon

once your chia seeds have soaked, pour them into a blender and add all the other ingredients. Turn it on low speed and blend fully, scraping down sides half way through. It should be fairly thick at this point, but creamy and pourable, if too thick add a few Tbsp of your milk to thin.

once done scoop or pour into cups and chill, It thickens as it sets.

Enjoy with a little coconut shredded on top, or a dab of PB.

This recipe has so many nutritionally dense foods in it, and is so yummy, perfect for snacking any time!!!

i really hope you enjoy this simple vegan chocolate pudding recipe!!!! I have other good finds I will be adding to the blog soon!! ANd if you are interested in trying out the amazing vegan, gluten free, iron and protein rich Shake I used, let me know and I will get you hooked up!!!!!

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