Single Digits, and finally finding some relief

So, to recap, I am finally down to the single digits in this pregnancy, and am finally finding some relief, and some sleep, after a rough few months without either in sight.  Hubby’s perseverance with Shakeology has finally paid off, and he is really quite smug about it all(I don’t really mind though, he has a cute smug-face:-)

Once Hubs found out that the shake helped me to sleep, he began to make them every night for me, in varying flavors to tempt me to keep drinking them.  They worked, I was actually beginning to sleep more, no longer cramping legs and rolling stomach.  Still, I was a skeptic, until Hubby ran out, since the bag is for 1 person for a month, and he had been making extra for me, and now I have no shake for my late night tummy soother, oh dear!!  Those were a rough few nights, right back to waking hungry/nauseous/heartburn, a few days later legs cramping up all night long, and now I was convinced!!

Hubby put in an order for me, my very own bag of vanilla Shakeology, and I am now finding some relief, and sleep, even in these late stages of my pregnancy!!  I feel better than I did when I was only 4-5 months along, and kick myself for not giving in to Hubby’s pleas and insistence sooner:-/

Now, though I still wake in the middle of the night hungry(baby leaves little room for eating much), I have a shake all ready to drink, it soothes the nausea and right back to sleep I go.  I rarely wake with leg cramps, and am no longer bone-deep-tired from anemia, so the Shakeology is replacing all the minerals, vitamins and iron the baby has consumed, helping me to regain my own stamina and better health.

Amazingly, from my 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 month checkups I did not gain any weight at all, well, that is not totally true, I know I gained weight early in that time period, I was up and eating, cramping, etc all hours of the night, and my pants grew tighter!!  By the end of that time period I had begun drinking shakes most every day, and my pants grew looser again, woohoo!!  So, by my check up time, I had gained no weight, and 2 weeks later at my 8 month weigh in I had gained only a little, but only in my baby bump(seriously, if you saw me you would think I swallowed a basketball!!)  I lost weight all over the rest of my body, how do I know?  I am wearing jeans right now that I wore pre-pregnancy, and while they are buttoned below where Cupcake is currently wriggling and jumping around, they still button!!!  This is huge, 3 months ago they would not button at all, and many of my other clothes were becoming tight too, and now are comfortable wearable for the most part, this is HUGE folks!!!  Totally not intentional, this weight loss all over part, but since my midwife says the baby is growing normally, and I can see Cupcake active and getting bigger all the time, I am not worried about the overall loss from drinking the shakes.

My overall health and energy levels have increased hugely, right along with the baby bump, I am sleeping deeply and better than I had for months.  I eat not much more now than I did before pregnancy, no odd cravings, or huge appetite either, I feel pretty darn good for being in at the end of this advanced maternal pregnancy deal, I have to say!!  All thanks to my Hubby and Shakeology!!  I do intend to continue using it even after the baby comes, since I know just how much stress and strain nursing a baby can put on the body.  I know that my body needs all the help it can get to remain in good working order, and help me keep up with not only the demands of a newborn, homeschooling 3 kids and keeping a house, but also ministry work and other sundry things that need accomplishing each week.

I have to say, one of the bonuses to Shakeology that I really appreciate, besides the nutrition in a single scoop, is that it is super portable, easy to digest, and amazingly flexible in its variations!  Oh, and I will be able to eat and feed the baby at the same time, it’s a super fast meal, with minimal prep required, a dream come true for every new momma!!!

In the next few weeks I will begin posting different recipes and variations with the Shakeology, as I create them.  I am really just so thankful for this item, and how much it has helped me through a really rough time in this pregnancy, and have decided that, because of it’s benefits to health, and better nutrition I have become a coach for Shakeology.  If any of what I have said interests you, or makes you say “hmmmm, that sounds interesting” please send me a message.  I am astounded by what this one thing has done for me and my health at this very challenging but precious time, and would love to share in the good nutrition and health with any and all who are interested.

Satay tuned for some fun recipes and ideas for fitting Shakeology into your life, and even more of the benefits that it brings not your overall wellness…

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  1. Charlotte Moore
    29 October, 2014 at 6:55 am

    I would love to know more about Shakeology. I really need to lose 20-25 pounds,

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