Sunday blessings

Such a  blessed, and Hubby had the week off even, so wahhooo 10X better right there:-)

We had a really good week of schoolwork, really moving forward after what felt like a period of stalling

I managed to remain calm, and even cheerful, in the face of some tween-ish storms, not easy for me, so it was a big blessing that I did it!

harvesting and preserving our garden bounty, and the bounty of our lovely surroundings

having Little A back with us, he is such a delight

a beautiful family vaca in NYC to celebrate Hubby’s birthday

having Fancy Miss choose to do some public speaking for our 4H club and church Christmas play, and even organize, and coordinate sign language instruction for the children’s choir

having a Hubby date to end the week of his vacation.

Such a great week, and so much hope and energy for the coming week.

1 comment for “Sunday blessings

  1. Amy
    11 September, 2012 at 1:26 am

    I’m with you all the way.. blessed and even better when my husband and I get to spend the weekend together!

    Life is good. Great post.

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