Sunday blessings…and not “feeling like it” much…

I have not been really good about blogging my blessings on Sunday’s lately, I have not really felt like it.  That is the trouble, it is easy to “not feel like it”, and just not do something, or stop doing something.  I believe this is a wrong headed attitude though, and felt quite convicted of that this week, whether I “feel like it” or not, I still have much to be thankful for , and need to make note of those things, if only so that I can see them more clearly!

so blessed by all the fun and help we had at our Family Fun Carnival today, it was a blast, even if it was a few days late!

blessed that we did not really get hit hard by the hurricane, when so many did, we were spared.

thankful and blessed to be able to celebrate my Little Man’s birthday this week, he is the coolest, sweetest, super funniest, most determined, creative, charming and handsome super hero 7 year old ever!!

so blessed to be able to support, my husband and family as his grandfather comes closer to going home to see Our Father.

so blessed to have a great school week, despite difficult days we stuck in there, and all learned a great deal, just not what I had intended:-)

blessed to be writing a few great (I hope) blog posts, ones I hope will help others in many walks and ways

blessed to be reading whole Brain Child with One Thankful Mom and others and discussing it on FB, it may alter my thought life and actions/reaction with my kids

blessed to be watching our children grow and become such powerful warriors for Christ, as they face their great grandfathers imminent death, and also their own roles to bring Christ to the world in the Christmas play.  They walk with grace and faith, it brings tears to my eyes.

thankful to have wonderful people to work for, my “other son” stayed away as we were sick last week, and it was all ok, no recriminations, we love that, and him and them too!

so very blessed by the message today at church, that “in Jesus name we pray” really stands in for “I am asking this for Jesus, to bring glory to the Father” if it does not bring glory to God then it will only glorify me, not a good prayer.  This will revolutionize my prayer life!


So many blessings, I just had to look for them, even if I did not feel like it, and wanted nothing more than to live in my flesh, I didn’t have to “feel like it” for God to bless me anyway, in so many ways.  Thank you God for all I have, am, will be, it is all for you that I live, all for your glory, amen…

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