Super- sunday…

Fancy Miss and I headed off to church this morning, and as I listened to todays message about “pruning ” in our lives and about not just cutting off the dead parts but cutting back some of the healthy parts to help us grow into better and healthier people. It caused me to think of how much pruning has been done in my life and how much more is needed, sure I have been removing or pruning a lot of bad things from my life as well as some good things, but I could’nt help but to stop and think was this message about me or about my new children and how God has been pruning their lives.

The only thing is where I have cut back a lot of bad things it I feel my children have got the recieving end of Gods “good pruning” I mean they have lost so much already and have not even made it home yet to our house were I am sure they will be able to grow and develop into even greater children then they already are. The pruning that has been going on in our lives over the past years have made Mamalove and I become even stronger then when we started dating. I always hear that my new children are so lucky because Mamalove and I are rescuing the poor kids from their horrible lives. I know that everyone means well but how lucky would you feel if you were removed from your parent(s) any family that you had and every thing you knew or had and uprooted and moved half way around the world.

They may be inpoverished and have nothing but they were loved, loved enough to be put up for adoption to be given the chance to have more oppertunitys in live then they would have . I feel that Mamalove and I are the lucky one not the children and I am thankful everyday that God have not only given me my angle but also has gifted us with to more two love and take care of. So as we all go through this act of pruning in our own live and our own ways we sit back and think that even as tough as it gets I think God would not hand us more then he knows we can handle even if we dont think we can handle it, all you need is faith, and some Super Sundays…….. sorry to go off on this long tangent but thanks for being here lots of love and as always God bless -big daddy

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