Week two planned, again:-)

So, as is usual, I have changed our menu, due to not being home for dinner this past weekend, and finding a few items in the freezer that needed to be eaten up sooner rather than later, so with a quick switcheroo, voila we have a new menu!!  This is why I really like to plan it out, then I can adjust days, change plans due to missing/just been eaten items, etc, so now posted on the fridge is this:

Tuesday:Breakfast will be 7 grain hot cereal 2 batches for leftovers.  Dinner will be 2 small beef roasts, with vegetables and potatoes, these were foudn in the bottom of the freezer and needed to be used.

Wednesday: Breakfast is hot cereal or cold cereal.  Dinner is Fresh fried fish and potato salad. and veggies

Thursday: Breakfast is hard boiled eggs, and dinner will be simple since it is a church night.

Friday: Breakfast will be quick, peanut butter toast or pancakes.  Dinner will be a quick crockpot beef stew, using leftover veggies and beef from Tuesday.

Saturday: breakfast is eggs and toast, dinner will be chicken and broccoli alfredo.

I will need to do some baking this week too, since it will be Mia’s bday party on Sunday, and I will not have timeo to do it that afternoon.  I am also looking at doing a big shopping trip to BJ’s soon, checking out and comparing prices, so I may coem home with lots of yummy new things to try out, and throw next weeks menu into complete disarray, yet again!!!

At some point I will also have ot make a big batch of rice too, and some beans will have to be soaked, and fresh salsa made, so we can have yummy lunches too, cluten free lunches can be tricky, or pricey if you stick to sandwiches, yipes!!!

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